It's Time To Start Marketing These Products! (Winter Edition)

As people's purchasing power begins to change during the season of giving, it’s always logical to get a head start to thrive and understand the behaviour of your target audience...

It's Time To Start Marketing These Products! (Winter Edition)

As winter approaches, people’s purchasing power begins to change within the season of giving. So it’s always logical to get a head start to thrive and understand the behaviour of your target audience! It’s the time to share the spirit of generosity and demonstrate kindness towards your target market and AIM’s elves will be working very hard to meet the demand of our services during the busy season!

A well thought out branded Christmas gift helps to make your business memorable, cementing your place at the forefront of your audience’s minds, including customers, clients, colleagues and staff. However, personalising the item for your recipients and deciding what to give and how much to spend on holiday gifts is not always easy. Here are AIM’s top picks of promotional products as we head into the colder seasons, whether you’re on a budget, need it fast or want to spend that little bit extra on something special.  

Promotional Winter Clothing

Since the weather is getting colder, it’s time to bundle up with thicker clothing to keep warm. People are beginning to stash their sundresses and shorts in exchange for scarves, jumpers, coats, and wool hats. If you want to make an impact on your target market, give them some logo-printed clothing, delivering more ad mileage as they will be worn often throughout the season.

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Business Gift Sets

Most of us may be back to work now, but we still need office stationery to get our jobs done. Premium stationery always makes for a good professional gift as they are useful and last for a very long time. It also generates considerable exposure for your brand due to the frequency and length of usage. A personalised diary would be a great fit to kickstart 2022 with many more dates to be filled up next year with our newly found freedoms, along with a brand new calendar. The desk and office category are one of the most popular promotional products on the market.

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Christmas Mugs/ Travel Mugs

Promotional mugs make a great corporate Christmas gift, perfect for the daily commute, minimising office waste, or for keeping your drinks at the right temperature while doing jobs at home. Insulated coffee mugs are so useful, as you can be confident that your gift won’t be regifted, no matter who you give it to.

There’s nothing better than curling up on Christmas Eve with a cup of hot chocolate. Take a look at the high-quality mugs on offer below in both mug and travel cup variations. You can add your logo to them for personalised branding – pass the marshmallows, please!

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It’s that time of year where employees feel appropriately recognised for all of the hard work they do day in and day out, with many employers hosting an awards ceremony. From employee of the month, to top performers, peer recognition and work anniversaries, winter is the perfect time to showcase your brand on some shiny new promotional awards. Not only do they make people feel valued, but giving someone a recognition gift also turns them into your brand ambassador, sharing the acknowledgment that you’ve presented with others and giving them an incentive to boast about your company.

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Custom keyrings suit a wide range of customers whilst also serving a practical function, and you can place whatever design, colour or pattern you want on your keyring. They also give you the chance to strategically place valuable information on them, even being able to place your contact info and business address on the keyring.

They are also a great promotional item not just for Christmas but any season! You can buy a bunch of these at a time, keeping them in stock so that you’ll always have some promotional items to distribute no matter what season it is. Many also have different features, such as the keyrings below, with the stress ball, bauble and bottle opener keyrings.

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Want more tips or support? At AIM we provide a comprehensive portfolio of sales tools and marketing resources to support you to promote your business to it's full potential. Find out more by clicking below.


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