Logo Vectorization

Whether you’re aiming for a business card, a banner, or a billboard, you want your logo to be legible, scalable, and editable. Vectorized logos are an industry necessity, allowing designers the freedom to scale a file for any use, from a printed mug to a major ad campaign.



We’ve got you covered. AIM Art Service’s team of artists can convert your images into case-appropriate, re-usable vector files in the correct format every time.

Whether you need a logo vectored, placed on a template, turned into a virtual sample, or all of the above, just post to our site and we'll take care of it for you and quickly.

Please see below for answers to many frequently asked questions.

Pricing Starts At Just £8

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose AIM Art Services?
  • Experienced promotional products artists
  • Fast turnaround time and a flat fee of £8 for vector conversion (if it's ever more than £8 we'll always call you for approval first)
  • Easy to navigate site and a history of jobs stored online
How do I register for an account?
  • To register just go to: www.aimart.uk (Please note: this is a different log in then what you use for aimsmarter.co.uk)
  • It’s a quick sign up process (please just be sure to include your company name).
  • You can have a single sign on for your whole company or create different accounts for each salesperson - whatever you prefer. But if you are doing separate accounts for each salesperson, please be sure to always include your company name for each one.
How do I post a job?
  • Once you sign in, on the left side of your screen you will see an option called, “Post A Job”.
  • Enter in your Job Title (description of the logo or project name)
  • Enter a PO (if needed)
  • Select the job type (you will see pricing too):
    • Vector Conversion
    • Banner Design (use this for banners or very large jobs)
    • Virtual Samples (adding a logo to a product - please include all details including vendor name, SKU number, item colour and imprint colour)
    • Creative Services (this is done hourly). Please include as many details as possible about what you are looking for.
    • Business Cards
  • The next section after job type asks if the job is a revision. It defaults to "New" (only select "Revision" if it's a revision for a job we did previously).
  • Under "Rush" just click the "Rush" button if needed (note: this is £5 extra).
  • In the "Description" box enter in all your instructions.
  • In "Deadline” click on the box and select deadline date.
  • You can either drag and drop the art you need done into the green box (multiple files are ok) or click the box and select the file(s) from your computer.
  • Now click "Post"!
    • After you post your job, it is auto assigned to an artist and a job number is also assigned. If you have something you need to communicate with an artist after a job is posted, please use our chat feature and we can reach out to them (please reference your job number).
How do I get my completed file?
  • Once the artist has completed their work, they will upload the completed file back to the art site and you will automatically receive an email (sent to the email address you entered when registering to the art site) saying that your job is done.  
  • Then you just log back on to the site and look for the “Completed” files tab and you can download the completed file.  (Please note: make sure you are looking at the “Completed” tab and not the same tab you used to upload your art - only the completed tab will have the finished job).  
  • If your job is too large for the site you can use our chat feature and we’ll work with you on how to get us the file.
How will I be invoiced?
  • You will receive an invoice and be billed at the end of the month.
Why do I get a spinning wheel when I try and post a job?
  • This happens when no file is included. So please be sure to always include a file with a job (for a revision, it should be the file being revised).
  • Another possibility is if the size of the file is too large this can happen (max file size is 20mb). If you have a file that is too large for the site please use our chat feature and we will walk you through how to get the file to us.

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