Festivals: Top 10 Unsurpassed Promotional Products!

With festival season making its grand return, ensure your brand is ready for the main stage this summer.

Festivals: Top 10 Unsurpassed Promotional Products!

With festival season making its grand return, ensure your brand is ready for the main stage this summer. One of the most anticipated parts of the summer is festival season. From Glastonbury to download to new age techno, there is something for all music and concert lovers. Festivals are suitable for all ages, and with it comes products suitable for all. So after a rocky start to the festival circuit last year, get back into the spirit this time around with an essential promotional merchandise strategy.

Festivals are the ideal location to gain brand exposure, particularly when your target audience includes young adults and music lovers. They also attain a high number of guests in one location, and the fact that they are there to have a good time, any promotional incentives that helps them to do so is going to be appreciated. With over 34 million people attending festivals in the UK in 2019 and 241 festivals happening each year in the UK alone, this is the perfect route to get your brand message out there!

  1. Binoculars

Too far away from the main stage? Not to worry, promotional binoculars can be used to enjoy any outdoor event, sporting events and just about any other occasion where it would be useful to see long distances. Branded with your logo with customisable options to choose from, binoculars establish a great advertising platform for your company or organisation that are sure to be kept and valued.

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  1. Ponchos

Ponchos are coming back in to fashion and are definitely a very popular festival item at the moment. With the unpredictable UK weather, promotional ponchos will be treasured more than anything. On a rainy day they also stand out from the crowd very well!

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  1. T-Shirts

Promotional t-shirts will be used every day, boosting your brand visibility and upholding your brand image. T-shirts come in various designs, suitable for any type of festival and music genre, providing opportunity to promote your brand whilst also creating a fashion statement.

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  1. Water Bottles

With the threat of heat exhaustion amongst other things when attending music festivals, having a water bottle handy is always a good way to keep yourself hydrated. They are easy to handle and carry around, and most people will keep the same bottle and refill it. You can also choose a specific design for your bottle, so it feels truly unique and personal to take on the go on your dancing quest.

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  1. Rucksack

Keep all of your festival goodies safe and secure with a promotional rucksack. It’s a subtle yet powerful item! Who wants to be lugging multiple suitcases and bags around when you can fit most of your necessities into your customised rucksack. Branded with your design, logo or a message, they are the perfect walking billboard.

With many additional features to choose from to suit any festival, such as waterproof bags to make them durable and long-lasting, or compressible and foldable bags, they are highly functional and versatile.

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  1. Lanyard

Great for holding your festival tickets, small purses, business cards, memorabilia from different concerts and great as souvenirs at any event. They have so many uses, so you and your recipients will have no reason not to appreciate receiving them.

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  1. Power Banks

Long weekends away at festivals means many go without electricity, and sooner or later the juice on your electrical devices is going to run out. For all of you wanting to stay connected at your next festival, promotional power banks are a sure fire way to keep charge of your laptops, speakers, phones, and tablets and appeal to any ages and interests. They are also easily customised to display any information you deem necessary.

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  1. Caps

Caps are stylish articles of clothing that can be enjoyed by everyone. They also help get your brand the attention it deserves. In the hot and bright summer months where festivals usually take place these hats are a necessity, protecting your head and eyes from those direct sunbeams. They can sit on your head all day at a festival, actively promoting your company.
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  1. Branded Sunglasses

The ultimate combo to pair with your branded cap and keep yourself fully protected from those rays! Classic sunglasses designs are perfect for that retro look at your next festival, available in a variety of colours with many having good-quality UV protection adding immense value to your brand.

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  1. Wristbands

Wristbands create conversations about their significance to the event, so that not only the wearer is exposed to the branding, but other people are too. They are also available in a variety of colours and patterns, making them great fashion accessories. Silicone is a strong material that does not become worn easily, or fade overtime, meaning your wristband will last long after the festival and count as a memory of your weekend.

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Embrace Those Dance Moves!

Festivals are effective in maintaining your current customers’ interest in your business, as well as enticing new clients and creating fresh partnerships. For this reason, it’s vital that you take advantage of festivals and fully promote your brand to get the most out of them.

These are just a few promotional products you could advertise at a festival or major outdoor event. For more giveaway ideas and branded festival merch, think of things that would benefit your company and your target audience, and keep dancing!

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