Frequently Asked Questions

When will the catalogues be ready?
The great news is that the catalogues are bigger and better than ever before, however due to the COVID-19 situation we’ve suffered some delays in the publication. That said, we’re almost there and we anticipate they will be with you later this month. As soon as we have a confirmed date, we will contact you to arrange a suitable delivery time and location, as we appreciate this may be different from your normal trading address.
Why is my system red?
We have rebranded, the system functionality remains unchanged it’s just a colour change to mirror our global brand. You should have received a welcome pack from the AIM Smarter team explaining the re-brand, if you haven’t, we can certainly get this resent.
Have you been bought out?
No, in fact it’s very much the other way around, we purchased AIM in the US in 2019 but after witnessing first-hand the model that the US team provide and the amazing community that has been created out there we took the decision to bring the best of AIM to the UK – as there’s really nothing else as comprehensive as this on offer here.
Is there anything I need to do?
Not at all, we have taken care of everything for you. However, you can certainly look at our new website and login to unlock loads of amazing content, marketing and advice along with your member benefits and supplier profiles so much more.
Are the billing details still the same?
Yes, the billing information is the same. If anything changes, we will ensure we notify you beforehand.
Is my price going to change? Go up?
Not at all, in fact we have now introduced the same pricing structure on the AIM Smarter system, so you can be a part of this amazing new community with more benefits for the same price.
Did this have anything to do with the sale of ADP?
The sale of AdProducts is unrelated to the launch of AIM. AdProducts was always operated as a separate business underneath the same parent company but the business did make the decision some time ago to sell AdProducts in order to lock in focus to the UK and US industry services. Rebranding to AIM means that we have a solid global strategy with streamlined focus to support the supply chain at every stage.
Are you an American company now?
We are still very much a UK business; our parent company is Altitude Group PLC which is traded on the London Stock exchange and has been for many years. We have a sister company in the US which is where the new name and membership model originates from.
Why have you changed names?
The group purchased AIM Smarter (formally AI Mastermind) in the US January 2019 and has since seen rapid growth in its membership base becoming the largest and fastest growing distributor network in the US, with over 2300 members to date. AIM Smarter offers a membership model that provides unrivalled benefits, resources and a true sense of community to both distributor members and preferred suppliers. Due to its success we made the decision to share this amazing offering with the UK
Where can I find my member benefits?
To make this easy to update, review and preview we have carefully created suppliers’ profiles on our new website “your AIM Hub”. Here you can search suppliers and see what member benefits they offer at a glance.

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