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Offering ideas to connect with your most valued clients and an impressive presentation to take to your next meeting or send in the post, the Green Ideas BrandBox will give new inspiration to your top customers and drive them to make purchases throughout the eco-friendly product range.

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Eco BrandBox™ Products

Express Coffee Cup

Supplier Name Supplier SKU AIM Code Pricing
Snap Products DWESC 421321 From £3.75

Classic 350ml reusable coffee cup which is manufactured from a 50/50 blend of natural rice husk fibre and BPA-free polypropylene.

Par Noir Softfeel Ballpen

Supplier Name Supplier SKU AIM Code Pricing
Pen Warehouse  PPRNB 459189 From £1.07

Modern push-button ballpen, that forms part of the Chili Concept range. A sleek and stylish ballpen that would suit a promotion looking to be just that; sleek and stylish. Also contains long-lasting Dokumental ink for 1,500 metres of smooth writing length.

8oz Natural Cotton Canvas Tote Bag with Gussett

Supplier Name Supplier SKU AIM Code Pricing
BagTrade PAX4 2147413 From £3.41

8oz 100% Natural Cotton Canvas Shopper Bag with Long Handles 38 x 42 x 10cm gusset.

Shortbread (8cm, Round)

Supplier Name Supplier SKU AIM Code Pricing
Eat My Logo EML3093 419179 From £2.78

A classic large round shortbread biscuit, topped with an edible icing print and wrapped individually. Perfect for use as part of celebration events and parties to reward key staff, customers and other stakeholders.

Ecoaster Round

Supplier Name Supplier SKU AIM Code Pricing
CHX EC23R-1 478255 From £1.52

Cool tactile Coasters made from plastic waste in round or square varieties. Made from 100% recycled plastic. These coasters are a redesigned and upgraded version of our very popular standard ones and can be decorated in full colour to both sides.

BIO Credit Card Case

Supplier Name Supplier SKU AIM Code Pricing
The Leather Business BIO-E4 483914 £7.35

Biodegradable PU Business/Credit Card Holder with multiple pockets including clear window pocket. Packed in recycled tuck fold cartons.

C35 Photon 3-in-1 multi-charging cable

Supplier Name Supplier SKU AIM Code Pricing
Baby USB C35 Photon 467941 From £9.73

A 3 in 1 multi-charging cable with bamboo base, LED light-up logo and rPET braided cable comes with USB/USBC input and USBC, MicroUSB, and Lightning outputs.

Desktop Cube Gardens

Supplier Name Supplier SKU AIM Code Pricing
Sow Easy SE-GKS-021 477876 From £13.42

Desktop Cube Gardens - The eco cubes are the epitome of a sustainable and modern advertising medium. The cubes are filled with a soil pellet and our Seedsticks. The 100% compostable and biodegradable cube is made from alder wood with a fully customised sleeve.

Recycled Plastic 15W Wireless Fast Charger

Supplier Name Supplier SKU AIM Code Pricing
XD Connects P308.43 473734 From £14.94

Ultra fast 15W wireless charger made with RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) certified recycled ABS. Total recycled content: 66% based on total item weight. RCS certification ensures a completely certified supply chain of the recycled materials. Wireless charging compatible with Android latest generations, iPhone 8 and up.

Ad Bricks Lorry

Supplier Name Supplier SKU AIM Code Pricing
Snap Products Adbrick001 20503C From £1.31

A unique 7 part, easily assembled kit of parts to make up into a lorry carrying your important advertising and information. Once assembled it will stay parked on your prospects desk for some time to come. Ideal for mailings and as a give away at events and trade shows.

Tea Towel

Supplier Name Supplier SKU AIM Code Pricing
Product Source 403092 484265 From £6.92

100% Organic White Tea Towel. 170gsm with a hanging loop and a cutaway label. GOTS and OCS certified.

Products and designs subject to change.

Ways to Use BrandBox™

Get Your Client's Promotional Ideas Flowing

  • Showcase top trending eco products in the flesh to your clients
  • Presented in Eco-themed and sustainably sourced box
  • Featuring top products from a range of different VIP suppliers across the whole ECO range
  • Access to branded MerchBook™ Eco Catalogue with wider Eco-friendly product range
  • Free marketing resources to make the most of your BrandBox™ order
  • Exclusively For AIM Distributors - First Come, First Served!

Each BrandBox™ includes a Marketing Kit to help you make the most of your boxes. This kit has a complete set of marketing tools tailored to this season’s box, theme, and products. All you have to do is follow along and implement these resources.

The Marketing Kit includes:


In-box postcard detailing all products and showcasing your contact details and logo. 

Branded Online Catalogue

Link to Branded MerchBook™ Eco Catalogue full of wider Eco-friendly product range, complete with personalised cover including your contact details and customer logo. 

Educational Flyers

Two educational flyers to help you make the most of the BrandBox™ Programme

  • An educational flyer of ideas to use your kit
  • A timeline to help you strategise and implement this programme in your marketing


  • Promotional Email

  • Box On The Way Email

  • Follow Up Email

Social Media

  • Five ready to share social posts marketing products


  • Showcase each product on your website with a ready-to-post blog

Need More Information About The BrandBox™ Programme?

The AIM BrandBox™ Programme is your go-to source for trending products that are key to market for the upcoming quarter. Our team of experts carefully selected a portfolio of premium and retail-quality products that are proven best-sellers! Get in touch today for more information!

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