Retro Promotional Items That Take You Back!

Play to those warm feelings of the good old days with vintage-inspired promotional items, and establish an emotional connection with your customers.

Retro Promotional Items That Take You Back!

Utilising nostalgia to evoke a personal and emotional response from consumers is a classic marketing technique that may be more effective now than ever before. With everything going on in the world at present, consumers are craving comfort. By promoting not only uplifting but nostalgic content, you will fill this void and increase engagement. Even in better times, nostalgic promotional products were still a powerful and effective marketing strategy, providing positive memories and strong emotions in consumers. So with the current repercussions of Covid-19, why not spread some positive vibes and add a little nostalgia to your marketing mix.

Whether your heartstrings tug you back to the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s or early 2000’s, you can bet there’s a customisable product to accompany you there. Thinking of adding a retro feel to your advertisements? Or perhaps you desire to share your fondness of past eras with your customers? AIM are here to help you out with some throwback promotional items! Showcase the attributes of your favourite decade by including an era-appropriate giveaway item in your next promotion! You are able to brand on these with your own logo or event details. These retro items all come available in various colours and when used as promotional items in your marketing can really elevate and make your campaign magical and memorable.

Personalised Rubik Cubes

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These iconic puzzles will remind your customers of simpler times. Rubik’s Cubes are fun and memorable giveaways that give your marketing promotion a hands-on approach so your customers can make a tangible connection with your brand.

Bag Prik

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Give your customers a trip down memory lane with this vintage weekender bag! Your clients will love this touch of retro on a timeless bag that’s perfect for traveling. There’s even plenty of room for your logo so they can take it everywhere they go!

Tingo Calculator

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Get your figures in order with a promotional retro 10 digit solar calculator with an attractive brushed aluminium finish and matching coloured keys. Chances are that you, a colleague, a client or customer will use a calculator at some stage, making it a handy item to have around.

Melody Wireless Speaker

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This speaker packs a punch, delivering sound from the future with a retro design. With a built-in 3 Watt Speaker, this speaker delivers premium wireless sound.  A stylish looking promotional speaker that will look great with your company branding.

Retro Bucket

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These sweet delights will not just make a colourful desktop item but will satisfy the sweet toothed recipients of yours. This retro themed gift item features a clear bucket that can be filled with your favourite sweet treats.

Light Up Yo-Yo

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Have endless fun with one of the oldest toys in history, being fun at any age. Offered in a range of colours and flashing in motion, making performing your favourite tricks easy with a large print area for branding!

Play to those warm feelings of the good old days with vintage-inspired promotional items. Whether you want to promote your brand or impress your employees with an appreciation gift that reminds them of times past, retro promotional items are a great way to establish an emotional connection with your customers.

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