January Countdown: Top New Year's Resolution Promo Products To End January On A High!

January is all about planning for the year ahead. Use this period to re-evaluate your strategy, review new products and add them into your plans.

January Countdown: Top New Year's Resolution Promo Products To End January On A High!

January is all about planning for the year ahead. Use this period to re-evaluate your strategy, review new products and add them into your plans.

New Year's Resolutions are fresh in people's minds, so remember to check whether you need to tweak your communications to reflect a new audience.

Will your new year's products attract the same target customer as your existing collection? Remember, new year means new merch, so ensure that your marketing is well-directed and your business can meet its goals and your client’s new goals. Continue reading and check out just some of the latest in demand new year’s promotional products to end January on a high!  

Branded Earphones

With most meetings occuring online now, it's always handy to have a pair of earphones. Use your earphones to talk to your colleagues and customers properly and without distraction. Brand with your logo for a personal finish. They are fun, relaxing, and can even be therapeutic, and good for your mental health. A widely popular product and very easy to carry, everybody owns a pair and they have massive appeal, helping to keep you on track for the new year.

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Desktop Essentials

Mousemats, Pens, Calendars, the everyday brand exposure these items generate have staying power. Get your company name, phone number or website in front of your business to business customers, our promotional desk items are many and varied to meet all your new year business needs. Not only do promotional desk accessories remain visible on desks day in and day out, constantly advertising your company logo, but they can also fulfil a range of business goals.

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Health & Fitness Products

People become more conscious of their health after the new year and want to do something about it. By choosing health and fitness products you are helping them get into the spirit! There are some perfect products to help get fit, whether that be at the gym or at home. Including jump ropes, gym bags and boxes of gym merch to fulfill all needs. 

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A great way to embrace positive feelings for the future is by giving your customers a promotional gift with your contact details on. It will plant the idea of accomplishing business together going forward. With resolutions being popular at the start of the year, items that can help your customers/colleagues stick to them are always going to be well received.

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