January Countdown: This Week's Top New Year’s Resolution Promo Products!

New year means new merch. So why not kick-start your 2022 with a range of branded products to help those new year resolutions become a reality!

January Countdown: This Week's Top New Year’s Resolution Promo Products!

It’s that time again! New year means new merch. So why not kick-start your 2022 with a range of branded products to help those new year resolutions become a reality, or perhaps create a feat of positivity for your client base. Whether you want to achieve new goals, or stock up for your next trade show, make the most of your advertising budget with these popular new year promotional products.

It's a well-known fact that the start of a new year gives people a boost of motivation and positivity that commonly results in a list of New Year's resolutions being put in place. With 2022 just in reach, now is the perfect time to consider the promotional giveaways that tap into your customers' resolutions that will ultimately help them achieve their 2022 goals.

Water Bottles

Firstly, get your brand seen daily on a promotional water bottle. Everyone knows how important it is to stay hydrated! You can incorporate any logo onto a selected range of bottles and keep users on track with their targets, whether through fitness, or staying hydrated. You can also give clients the chance to go eco with their bottles. 

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Get your clients and colleagues organised with a branded notebook. Handy for note making or keeping track of their weekly or monthly goals. Notebooks are available in a range of sizes and colours and create great brand exposure. 

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Winter Clothing

Whether you have a goal to take on the outdoors, or trying to be more active this new year. Take into account the unpredictability of the UK weather, as well as matching the needs of your client's ever-busy lives with some winter clothing accessories. 

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Work From Anywhere Products

Wherever you clients are working from, make their working days as straightforward as possible by providing them with products to help achieve their goals. Add a splash of corporate pride by choosing items branded with your logo.

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Above all, throw some positivity into your business and provide functional items for 2022 and help your clients achieve their New Year goals.

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