Positive and Virtuous Practices In The Face of Change

- Seth Barnett

Positive and Virtuous Practices In The Face of Change

The most effective companies in our present history find ways of adhering to certain standards and norms, despite unusual marketplace circumstances. Many have adopted virtuousness in a new and revitalised way. As an industry, we should be called to focus inward on what has been achieved during this difficult year, what we have learned as individuals, and how strong our global industry remains.  

It is too easy to become lost in the negativity of our world. Sometimes a belief in the greater good of our work is all that we need to be successful even amid so much change.

Virtuous Practice in the Face of Change

Positive energy throughout our work is something that is learned over time and is not necessarily linked to a personal attitude. Organisations can be positive energisers for the team that makes up the business or even for their clients just as much as individuals can energise one another. Traditionally, the expression of positive energy that inspires creativity and growth throughout a business is done as part of an interpersonal and collective engagement process. Today’s approach is a little different, but the necessity of positive energy is just as valuable.

Virtuous practices have been found to be the most effective during times of change because they show genuine compassion. These include expressions of optimism, trust, and gratitude. Research has found that, especially during times of strain, organisations that adopt virtuous practices outperform those who attempt to maintain a working status quo.

Positivity in the Industry

The state of our industry is strong based on our expanded resources, the necessity of promotional merchandise in the buying public, and most importantly, thanks to the unity of the industry community itself. During the global financial crisis in 2008 and 2009, the industry showed its resiliency throughout the event and the scope of its value in our economic recovery. Today is no different.

An industry should be valued based on its ability to adhere to the challenges of the market, regardless of what those challenges might be. But to create the reality in our ability to overcome, we must first believe that we can. The Pygmalion Effect says that a positive approach and a belief in the goal is most of the need rather than the actions involved. It is found that if people believe that they will succeed, they are 60 percent more likely to do so, regardless of the circumstances that surround the action. This is a positive and virtuous global industry. Furthermore, AIM as a community holds these values even closer. We exist in unity to foster growth and prosperity in one another.

We are proud to be AIM and to support an opportunistic approach for the future. We will overcome any odds against us because we are collectively stronger. Our industry will persevere and will emerge with more market significance than before. Stay true to yourself, don’t let anyone stand in your way, and remember you are part of something designed to benefit you for the greater good.

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