ECO Consumerism

What Kind Of Impact Eco-Friendly Products Have On The Promotional Products Industry?

ECO Consumerism

While it is not a new fight, in recent years the world has seen increased efforts to improve our environmental impacts. So much so, that the demand for eco-friendly products has rapidly increased across the Promotional Products industry. Examples of this can be seen in the sustainable and eco-friendly materials being used for our favourite promotional products; and in plastic waste being reduced and recycled in production and shipping.

Below are some interesting facts and figures on how the promotional products industry has adapted in a more Eco-friendly society, offering more environmentally sustainable products.

The world’s focus on the environment is increasing every year. Leaders in Industry and Environment have been coming together since the 1800’s to discuss the sustainability of our planet. In the last century and in particular the last decade this interest has been magnified.

You can find conservation and environmental works throughout time from recognisable figures such as:

  • US President, Theodore Roosevelt (born 1858)
  • Scientist, Rachel Carson (born 1907)
  • US Vice President Al Gore (born 1948)
  • Inventor & Entrepreneur, Boyan Slat (born 1994)


increased searches for eco products 2015-2020.

 Eco Search Graph

Looking at our own statistics over the last 5 years, we can see a clear growth in consumers searching for Eco-friendly products in the first instance, to avoid less sustainable ones. Between 2015-2017 “eco” totalled to around 0.8% of all searches. In January 2020 alone, “eco” totalled to 6% of all searches and this trend is showing no signs of plateauing.


How eco-product listings have increased over time 2007 - 2020.

 Eco Product Listing

The growth in eco-friendly products is clear. Looking at our “Webonly” catalogue feed, there are now almost 3X as many eco-products than there were 6 years ago – figures raising from 150 in 2014 to 429 today!


Top keywords searched in relation to eco products.

Top Keywords

The most popular keywords used when searching for Eco products were “Eco”, “Recycle” and “Bamboo”. The keyword “Eco” was searched for most in the following 5 categories:

  • Pens & Writing – 63%
  • Drinkware – 13%
  • Desk & Office – 11%
  • Bags – 5%
  • Games, Toys & Gifts – 3%


These are the top 5 categories that were searched for the most in eco products over the last 5 years.

Top Eco Keywords

To make an impact in our industry and marketplace we as leaders need to be willing to have difficult conversations. Often our industry is associated with cost-consciousness from a consumer perspective. But we have slowly become mindful of the fact that many of our products can have unfavourable, and unintended, consequences on the environment.

The statistics above show we are following the right trends in our industry, accepting that we need to be better, and do better!


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