Searching Products

Searching Products

Using this guide, we will be going through how to search for products and the different ways on how to search.

To initialize a search, click on the search icon on the left of the screen as can be seen in the below screenshot.

Screenshot 1

In the advanced search, there are multiple fields you can use to refine your search. Below is an explanation of each field:

  • Search Box: Here is where you can enter keywords, product names, or reference for the products you are looking for.
  • Match Filter: You can filter the search by matching all keywords, any keywords, exact phrase or by item number using this section.
  • Supplier List: If you are looking for a supplier’s product, you can filter that by searching for the supplier on this list.
  • Favourite Suppliers Only: You can limit your product searches to only include your favourite suppliers by ticking this box. You can edit your favourite suppliers by clicking the edit button to the right.
  • My Own Products Only: Tick this if you want to show the products you have added to the system.
  • Show Non-Published Products: Tick this to show the products you have added, but not yet published to your system/website.
  • UK Made Only: This will show you products from UK based suppliers.
  • Available as Plain Stock: This option will show you only items that are available to purchase in
    plain stock.
  • Sedex Suppliers Only: 
  • Category: Choose to filter your search by main category here.
  • Sub-Category: Select a subcategory you would like to filter by, this can only be selected if you have a main category applied.
  • Define Further: Select a third level category, this can only be selected if you have a main and a subcategory chosen.
  • Colour: Select this option if you are looking for a product with a particular colour.
  • Lead Times: If you need to meet a certain deadline, using this option you can search by lead
  • Guide End User Price: Using this option, you can select a guide price for the products you are searching for so you can make sure your quotes go out on a budget.
  • Country of Origin: Use this option to define the country that your product originates from.
  • Date Added: Search for the latest products by using this filter.
  • Reset filters: Using this option you will be able to reset any filters you have used for your search.

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Last updated: June 12, 2020

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